Chris Dougherty started Codoc Photo to get his collection of photos out to the world. Chris grew up in the suburbs of Philly where his love of the city started. Codoc was a nickname given to him and it was only fitting for his photography business (or not). He has been expanded his shooting into landscapes and portraits.

His most popular photograph is the aerial view of the Phillies 2008 championship parade. He has sold more than 2000 prints of that shot to stores in the greater Philadelphia area. Chris has several prints in local stores and is currently planning on expanding.

"I recently was playing with my daughter in a pile of leaves and snapped some pictures with my phone. There was one of her just sitting in the leaves and looking into the distance that hit me. Her face was so beautiful and at that time I thought to myself that I need to pursue my photography in a more serious way. The power to bring out such emotion in one snap is inspiring! " Chris Dougherty


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